Sagittarius New Moon Circle

Sagittarius New Moon Circle

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Join us for our monthly Virtual New Moon Circle on 12/14/2020 at 7pm CST via Zoom. Our circles are a chance to harness the energy of the moon and set some powerful intentions for the month ahead.  We will study the placements in your natal chart to determine what area of your life will be most affected by the new moon.  Ritual, sacred space, and community are a vital part of the gatherings.  All who identify as female are welcome.

Workshop includes:

-workbook and instructions for new moon intention setting

-tarot spread for the entire lunar cycle (new moon-next new moon)

-ritual ideas and instructions

-new moon journaling

-sacred space with other women via Zoom

***you may want to have a copy of your Natal chart handy for circle, or at least know your rising sign. If you don’t know what any of this means, email prior to circle and I will guide you to finding this information.  It is not required, but will be helpful in filling out your new moon work book.  

****Due to the nature of the circle, registration is non refundable.  

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