Boundaries, Protection, & Emotional Self Care

Boundaries, Protection, & Emotional Self Care

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Among multiple pandemics, there seems to be an overwhelming need for boundaries & protection from negative entities. I have had more conversations over the last week with empaths, HSP’s, even those with well developed nervous systems. All are having trouble regulating their emotions & protecting their energetic space.

Perhaps Gemini season gave us the knowledge of all the ways our society isn’t working. Maybe Cancer season caused such an influx of emotions that we are all scrambling to find a way to protect ourselves from feeling them.

I can not express enough the importance of feeling what you need to feel & expressing it so that it doesn’t bottle up, & so that you can still show up to fight the good fight. For most of my life I bottled up my emotions, my fears, my anger, my trauma, & all it did was make my life unbearable. It wasn’t until I started having the difficult conversations with both myself & others & practicing protection rituals & TRULY breathing that I was even ABLE to begin healing.

I’ve tried it all so that you don’t have to, or at least so that I can give you the cliffs notes version & you can dive deeper in whatever resonates most for you. I’ve read all the books, I’ve taken all the online courses, I’ve done all the therapeutic modalities, & while my issues may not be the same as yours, I can open a door so you can take a peak at different things that might help you. Maybe you’re tired of being copied & taken from, maybe you have a friend who is suffering & you feel an overwhelming sense of sadness that keeps you from being able to help, maybe you have a narcissistic family member from whom you need a strict & firm boundary. Maybe you’re suffering from mass marginalization & systemic wounding & you need to find a way to up your self-care. Whatever it is, I can help you heal yourself & your space.

If you are in desperate need of some rituals, meditations, & instructions for balancing the energies coming into your space, I will be hosting a virtual workshop via Zoom on Boundaries, Protection, & Emotional Self Care @ 7pm CST on Thursday, August 6th (2 weeks from today). I would be honored for you to trust me enough to let me share what I know with you. This will be an interactive workshop with informational material, & where I will show you exactly what to do and how to do it.

You CAN show up better when you find ways to regulate your energetic space. Let’s all make a commitment to self care so that we can honor our commitments to help others.