Astrology of Spring Digital Workshop

Astrology of Spring Digital Workshop

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Join me on Wednesday, April 1st at 7pm CST for a live zoom call, where we will dive into the transits of Spring & Summer 2020 and their meanings as it pertains to your specific birth chart.  I will breakdown high impact transits that can be expected from April-June, how each will affect us collectively, and how each can specifically affect all 12 zodiac signs as well as houses. The call will also include journaling prompts for self study and growth, as well as tarot readings for each month.

This will be a Live online video beginning at 7 pm, so please be ready with your birth chart, pen, paper as we go through:

  • A short guided meditation to begin.
  • April-June inner & outer planetary transits.
  • Symptoms & energies you can expect during this time.
  • How to best prepare and be open to the energies present during this energetic period.
  • Breakdown of planetary energies specific to your birth chart (the zodiacal house each transit may fall in for you, specifically.)
  • Q&a session where you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions specific to your birth chart.

A group Reiki healing will be performed at the end of the workshop for all attendees, to help you connect to the source energy of love and dissolve blocks that are keeping you from your breakthrough.

You may choose to donate more than $5 by updating your quantity at checkout (suggested cost of the workshop is $25, though no amount is too small.) No one will be turned away for not being able to pay. If you choose to donate, please know any dollar amount in excess of your registration is used to make this workshop accessible to those who can’t afford to pay at this time.

Information on how to connect to the video chat will be sent out the day of the workshop, or before, to the email address used for registration. Please email Michelle at with any questions, or to register via Venmo or PayPal.


*a copy of your birth chart will be most helpful for this call, but even knowing your rising will be sufficient. If you have your birth chart, please make sure you’re using the whole sign house system. If you don’t know what this means, email me beforehand and I’ll help guide you through pulling one from the internet.

* a recording will be available for those who are unable to attend the call live.

*as outlined in the policy section of, all call and workshop registrations are non refundable for any reason.