2020 Vision Board Workshop

2020 Vision Board Workshop

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Join us in celebrating the New Year and a New Decade with a Vision Board & Manifesting Workshop on January 16th from 6:30-8:30 pm, or on January 19th from 6-8pm.

We begin a new year filled with reflection on the year that has passed, and filled with visions for the future. By creating a vision board during this time, you are starting with a clean slate and a clear purpose for the year ahead.  Vision boards use the properties of manifestation to achieve goals. By putting together a visual guide of your future, you can keep your attention focused on what you want to attract.  


The way I approach Vision Boards is a bit different.  You have to truly BELIEVE you can achieve what you're reaching for, and through grounding and a bit of sharing, you will be ready to approach your goals with this attitude of abundance. Think of it like goal setting, but on steroids. Manifesting is the art of making sh*t happen.  If you want something to show up in your life, you must first believe yourself deserving of it! 

Prior to the workshop, I will send you prompts to get you started on what you’d like to add to your board.  I ask that you send me 10-20 images via email that I will have printed off for you to work with the day of the workshop.  On the day of, we will practice grounding, the art of manifesting, gratitude journaling, and mindful intention setting.  You are also welcome to bring old vision boards to mark progress and share with the group!

The workshop will include:

*a short grounding guided meditation.

*printed photos for your vision board, as well as magazines as needed.

*all the glue, tape, scissors, and pretty additions you need to make your vision board (and new life) a reality.

*a blank vision board to cover with all the things you want to manifest into your life.

*prompts for your gratitude journal and vision board.

*tea and light bites

*feminine fellowship.

VERY limited space is available, so be sure and register to save your seat!  Ticket covers all supplies and refreshments, so you only need to bring yourself and maybe even a friend!  Due to the nature of the preparations for this workshop, tickets are non refundable.  Please include your email address when checking out!