I want to help every woman who needs someone to lean on.  We all get stuck, fearful of whether or not we are on the right path or that we've lost our spark.  You are loved and you matter, and you have inner strength and resilience you CAN access. I want you to trust that I have your highest good in mind, as well as the highest good of who we must each be for the collective, and I vow to help you stretch and expand to fit the version of you that feels and exudes joy.

Some Words from the Moon+Myrrh Community:

“Before working with Michelle, I had very little knowledge of how the moon, planets, and my natal chart impact, predict, and explain my emotions and life experience. It was amazing to see how everything aligned during specific periods of my life, and I’m incredibly grateful I had Michelle there to guide me. She made this complex topic easy to understand, and her warm personality helped me feel open and comfortable discussing some very vulnerable topics! I felt validated and supported by her the entire way, as she truly held space for me during our work together. Her expert knowledge and clairognizance were evident time and time again as we worked through the moon phases and subsequent life experiences. She approaches her work with a certain levity that helps make diving into such an intense topic fun and exciting! Working with Michelle is well worth the investment, and I highly recommend her services to anyone interested in learning more about astrological impact in your life!” -Sarah

"When I met Michelle, I was in a very stagnant place in my life. I had already resigned myself to start the search for a therapist so that I could unpack some of my personal baggage, and work to begin healing, through what I thought was the only way. Then someone invited me to one of her moon gatherings, and I really didn't know what to expect. I thought "Neat, I'll learn about moon. That's all this is." What I walked into was a group of women looking for the same peace I had been looking for. I found something that I could lean into and grow from. I have opened myself to my dreams, and I'm creating the path to get there. She's helped me create tools for my path, but it's up to me to do the work. It's been a very organically supportive relationship, and I can't wait to see where it takes us. I greatly value what I have found in Michelle, and I truly thank the universe for putting her in my life path." - Mandi

"Michelle has been my mentor and life coach for the better part of 8 years. She has walked with me through the toughest trials I’ve ever faced. Her realness, compassion, knowledge, and drive ignited those in her presence. I have learned copious amounts of ways to keep my energy moving forward with Michelle’s guidance. Her Moon gatherings assisted me in finding new ways to reach my clients in the therapeutic process. Michelle is a gift from the universe, those who accept her guidance are sure to succeed." - Jenna

“Magic Moon Maven Michelle.  Let me start by saying I don’t consider myself to be particularly spiritual, religious, mindful, etc. I am the proud and exhausted mother of a four year old boy and a stereotypical suburban white woman. My life is beautiful and boring and that’s what sent me to Michelle. Michelle has a vibration that you can feel if you are within 100 miles of her. She can’t wait to tell you EVERYTHING because she fucking loves it all and she loves you and she just wants to see you happy...or happier. In the last year or so of visiting with her and attending gatherings, I’ve met so many other women who helped put my issues in perspective through their openness and candor. Michelle has been there for my questions, rebuttals, and aha moments in regard to all things in the feminine spiritual realm. To have a patient and knowledgeable guide helping me grow and seek change for the better has been an absolute blessing.” - Angela


"I love Michelle's moon circles.  They're like attending really spiritually aligned parties.  The space is inviting, she has tea and snacks, and each participant is greeted with their own workbook and a little gift to take home.  But even more meaningful is the space she creates and holds for women to come together.  Michelle encourages women to gather together and support each other in a safe space that is less about competition and more about empowerment.  And when I leave, I always feel not only a little personally empowered, but collectively empowered too." - Kerri


"I attended my first moon workshop this past summer.  At first I was a bit unsure of what exactly I would be doing at this workshop.  I felt unsure of what would be required of me, or how I would feel while I was there.  Let me say it was well worth all the worry, and to take the leap to attend the workshop.  Michelle has a great ability to help you understand yourself and how to use the knowledge she shares to grow and change for the better.  I highly recommend attending her workshops, her beautiful jewelry, and just being friends with this lady.  She has a very kind soul and makes difficult concepts easy to understand.   Her messages are empowering, and her guidance is invaluable." - Veronica