About Moon+Myrrh

I am Michelle Rhodes, and I AM Moon+Myrrh.

I am an Intuitive Astrologer & 500RYT Student, and am certified in techniques including trauma counseling, life purpose coaching, and Reiki.  I have designed intentional semi-precious jewelry since 2009, and am well versed in both Theology and Divination. You could say I do all the things, but really these things seem to seemlessly fit together to form my own unique method for helping people find their way. I offer one on one coaching utilizing all aspects of my extensive esoteric knowledge to help others.

I am Claircognizant.  Which means simply, I KNOW.  I lead from a place of intuition and compassion in all that I do.  An intense and painful period brought forth a transformation in my life, and I am here to encourage others to find that transformative power within themselves.  I love to help others find understanding and acceptance of their life through Astrology, Yoga, Energetics, and Mindfulness, and do so by finding a way to channel worry into peace and calm. I have so much fun making mindful connections, hosting circles, and leading private clients on how to love life and accept all of their many beautiful parts--quirks and all.  My main focus is acceptance and validation, while remaining conscious and informed of trauma, loss, and anxiety. Self love, grace, and compassion is my ultimate goal, as I believe it cultivates more love for others.

I am a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, and a member of both ISAR (International Society for Astrological Research), and the Yoga Service Council.

I dream you will find hope here.


Moon+Myrrh is a Modern & Mystical Wellness Haven.  Myrrh is defined as "a divine essence that promotes emotional balance."  That divine essence, that balance you're seeking, it is inside YOU.


Moon+Myrrh is currently inspired by:  

Anthropology; Hellenistic Astrology; Greek Mythology; Elena Ferrante; Topaga Canyon; Modern Minimalism; Carl Jung; Dr. Gail Parker; and the ocean.


Services provided include, but are not limited to:

Women's Circles & Workshops

Private Astrological Counseling

Group and Individual Yoga Classes & Coaching

Corporate Yoga and Mindfulness Training & Workshops

Tarot Card Readings


Small Batch Handmade Jewelry

Private & Personalized Mentorship

All things effortless and peaceful, linking mind and body, inside to outside.

At Moon+Myrrh, astrological knowledge joins all 8 Limbs of Yoga, and blends into an Intuitive Wellness Coaching program.  This is a safe space filled with inspiring things that must be shared. The most important work done via Moon+Myrrh is getting people in touch with their intuition, their gut, their 'I already know the answer'.  We have a bi-monthly moon circle located in Little Rock, Arkansas at Arkansas Yoga Collective, as well as occasional workshops & retreats at Bella Vita Jewelry in Downtown Little Rock. At our women's moon circles, guidance is given using mindfulness techniques including meditation, breathwork, intention setting, cycle charting, tarot, crystals, & ritual.  We come together in community for ourselves and for the collective.

You will also find a very non traditional yet very refreshing approach to life coaching, using Astrology, Yoga, Energy Work, and Mindfulness as methods of self inquiry and inner work. While the website & Instagram are the main hubs for all things Moon+Myrrh, you will occasionally find me at local workshops where we can meet in person and share a chat.  I offer one of a kind and small batch treasures, private sessions, readings, and guidance both online and in person. Keep in touch to find out when, as events will always be listed on Instagram. Sign up for newsletters to be notified of the next pop up!




Moon+Myrrh handmade jewelry can be found at:

Arkansas Yoga Collective, Little Rock, Arkansas

Ember and Aura, Denver, Colorado

Noelle Botanicals, Brea, California

Tanarah Luxe Floral, Little Rock, Arkansas  



You can find Michelle teaching Yoga weekly all over Central Arkansas.  Stay up to date on current classes by visiting us on Instagram and Facebook.



Please follow Moon+Myrrh on Instagram @moonandmyrrh for new items and event and service updates. If you see something you like, you can email info@moonandmyrrh.com.