Sage Sessions

Sage Sessions

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Sage Sessions are a fully customizable and unique to Moon+Myrrh service, allowing you the freedom to ask what you need to ask of me specifically, and take away whatever resources will be helpful to you from my years of study and service.

All sessions are with Michelle Rhodes, founder of Moon+Myrrh.  Key areas of expertise and certifications include:

  • Professional Practicing Intuitive Astrologer

  • 500 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher

  • Trained in additional Trauma Informed Yoga I (TIY II to be completed April of 2022)

  • Certified Reiki Master

  • Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist

  • Folk Herbalist

  • Student of Earth's magic, including oils, tinctures, crystals, and ritual

  • Facilitator of esoteric and divinatory practices

Your Sage Session can be absolutely whatever you need it to be in the time allotted.  Some examples of what a session can contain include, but are not limited to:

  • a follow up visit to a professional natal chart reading, where you are able to ask any and all questions about placements in or transits to your chart

  • a private yoga session to include resources for physical or emotional aches and pains

  • instructions and guidance around creating your own ritual or altar space to call in particular energies for a particular need in your life

  • energy work

  • elixirs or herbal remedies to help you access and begin to work through particular blocks or life issues

  • assistance in identifying or choosing herbs, crystals, or other divinatory tools

  • tarot reading

A Sage Session lasts one (1) hour, and can be a one off session, or something you schedule for yourself every week or month.  Sessions are available in person at my studio, or via Zoom.

*A questionnaire will be emailed to you for completion before the session is scheduled at  Please do not schedule until the questionnaire has been completed. This enables me to compile tools and resources I may need to be of service to you, and create a plan for our session in advance if needed.  It also helps us find an ideal time to come together, utilizing optimal planetary hours and days depending on your needs and my availability.

**All sessions are prepaid, and all prepayments are nonrefundable due to the amount of work required to prepare for a session.  Please only purchase a session if you feel led to work with me, but never because you feel pressured.  By purchasing this listing, you agree to allow me to intuitively come up with a plan for our session, taking into consideration whatever information you have given and requested.  Your responsibility is to come to me with information around what you're looking for, and my responsibility is to show up with the tools I have access to and help provide the information with what I have available.  Please read policies and procedures if you have any questions on the scope of my practice.  By purchasing this listing, you agree to all of the above.