This is not a one trick pony kind of place...

I wish I could tell you I'm just an Astrologer. Or a Family Constellations Facilitator. Or Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher. Or Reiki Master. Or Jewelry Designer. But the truth is, I am all of these things.

This is the home of my life's work. Which means it's always changing, and all inclusive. There are many offerings here. I hope you find what you need.

I am always seeking peace & joy, and share here all the ways that I've found it, holistically. My inspiration, like my spirit, is based in the stars; My gifts of spreading sparkle and light are accessed through the body via workshops, moon circles, my journal, my jewelry, or any number of services I provide. This space is one of integrating mind, body, and spirit.

As you navigate this site you will find Family Constellations, Trauma Informed Experiential Astrology, Community Circles, Intentionality...and anything my creative hands can conjure.

If you'd like to navigate this journey with me, I'd love to have you on Substack or Patreon--2 communities where I share much more than I could ever share on traditional social media. It would be an honor to meet you there.

Thank you for visiting my little corner of the interwebs.


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  • Jewelry

    I began making jewelry in 2009, and my brand has taken on many faces and names over that time. You can find the most current collection here.

  • Signs

    Preorders of the 2023 version of SIGNS, my self-published journal/tracker/vision guide, can be purchased by visiting the link below.

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